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Our Mission


We are committed to maintaining the health and integrity of the Stabyhoun breed.

Meticulous Breeding

We do this by our membership and participation in the Ameri-Can Stahbyhoun Association (ASA). The ASA works closely with local breeders and in Holland to maintain genetic balance, health, and temperment. All breeding conforms to the Dutch standard of excellence.


Puppy Boot Camp

Once we have a litter, we work constantly for the next 8 - 9 weeks to prepare our puppies for their permanent homes. The puppies are integrated into our home. They are exposed to all the noises and activities of family life. In addition, they are lovingly handled, exposed to loud noises, introduced to people, etc. Their environment offers a complex variety of surfaces, toys, bird wings, and anything else we can provide to aid their development.

Continued Support

In partnership with the ASA, we provide life-time support for all of our puppy owners. We believe strongly maintaining relationships with each and every family that adopts one of our puppies.

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